Welcome to DPFManager.co.uk! Our software is designed to convert digital photographs of any quality from a camera to a more suitable file size for Digital Photo Frame devices by following and implimenting various changes to their order and orientation. It can also be used to create slideshows for Desktop PCs, Laptops, PDAs and Mobile Phones. In fact DPFManager can be used to change the order of many different things.

Many cameras take removable memory cards such as SD or Compact Flash and store the images in a sub-directory called DCIM. Most DPFs take Compact Flash and SD cards but unfortunately they play ALL files stored in the root directory which could include scans, PDFs and maybe even some files you wouldn't want people to see. Using DPF manager, you can create selected copies of your precious images onto the root directory of the card so that your DPF plays only the things you want people to see, in the order you want them to be seen.

And best of all, DPFManager is totally FREE!

Although this project is entirely free, to keep active updates and support we would accept a small $5 donation through our PayPal account: david@cowardfamily.com